Bavarian Rebuilt BMW Engine Warranty
*Applies to Bavarian Rebuilt BMW Engines and Bavarian BMW Engine Exchange Engines Only

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Rebuilt BMW Engine Warranty | Extended Warranty Options
  • BMW Engine Rebuilding Process and Quality Control Policy
  • Warranty Policy
  • Warranty Claims
  • Core Returns

Rebuilding Process and Quality Control Policy

All Bavarian Engine Exchange Upgraded BMW engines include MaxSil™ teflon coated pistons, Sealed Power piston rings, and a 5 year portable warranty with labor coverage. Bavarian's combination of optimized performance & mileage, ultra high quality & longevity, fast delivery, 5 year warranty, and unbeatable customer service & support is exactly what BMW owners need when faced with an engine or cylinder head replacement. We deliver daily to BMW enthusiasts, BMW dealerships, independent BMW repair shops, and warranty insurance companies.

All of our BMW engines are completely remanufactured and many contain R & D improvements not found anywhere else. Examples include MaxSil™ Pistons with Tefcote™ and Bavarian DuraLiners™ (centrifugally cast, iron cylinder sleeves for all aluminum V8 applications). The heart of any engine is the pistons. MaxSil pistons are engineered for better longevity, higher performance, and improved fuel economy. They are lighter and stronger than original pistons with 13 percent silicone content to allow for tighter cylinder clearance (0.0015") than original BMW pistons. The tighter clearance, reduced heat expansion, and reduced friction offer better performance and longevity than original pistons while protecting horsepower output for the life of the engine. In addition, MaxSil piston skirts are coated with an anti-friction, Teflon composite coating for even better performance, fuel economy, and longevity. Many of the technologies used in Bavarian engines simply weren't available when the vehicle was manufactured.

All Bavarian Engine Exchange rebuilt BMW engines and cylinder heads are manufactured using only factory OEM replacement parts or better. Internal parts include MaxSil™ pistons, Sealed Power piston rings, rod bearings, main bearings, timing chain & guide rails or timing belt & tensioner, oil pump, gaskets & seals, freeze plugs, silica bronze valve guides, new rocker arms, camshaft, and valve seats. All cylinder heads are precision surfaced and all valves & seats are machined with a 3 angle profile. All cylinder heads arrive completely assembled with valves, cams, lifters, and rockers - and are timed to TDC for immediate installation. Complete BMW engine rebuild kits with MaxSil pistons are also available in cases where you or your mechanic prefer to rebuild the engine on site. Ask your rep for details. (All BMW engine rebuild kits are sold complete - no separate items available).

Performance options available for all Bavarian BMW Engine Exchange Upgraded BMW engines and cylinder heads include Bavarian's proprietary, CNC machine ported and hand polished cylinder heads, Bavarian Performance street optimized cams, and precision balancing. This option increases horsepower by 20% while preserving the 5 year warranty, extended longevity, and emission specifications of our standard Bavarian Upgraded BMW engine. These street optimized performance engines and cylinder heads are the best value in the industry for long-term street use and mild track applications. See below for more information regarding the performance upgrade option.

We stand behind our engines 100 percent. All of our rebuilt BMW engines are manufactured to exact tolerances and specifications. Each engine must pass rigorous quality control standards before shipping and all engines carry a five year warranty. Although warranty issues are rare (under 1%), if there's ever a defect, we will pay the freight both ways on the replacement engine - and cover the labor to reinstall it during the first 2 years of service (up to five hundred dollars). Warranty replacements during years 3-5 are provided based on maximum mileage limitations and a fair prorated surcharge (See warranty terms for details). Or call 1-800-269-8970 and speak with a BMW engine specialist who will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

All of our rebuilt engines are manufactured to factory specifications and carry a five year warranty. Fluid leaks are covered under the warranty for a period of 6 months from the purchase date. Remanufactured cylinder heads are warranted for 2 years when sold separately.

Warranty Policy

If there is ever a defect in materials or workmanship during the warranty period, we will pay the freight both ways on the replacement - and cover the labor to reinstall it during the first two years. Labor claims are paid at "Mitchell" flat rate X $50 per hour - up to a maximum of $500 per occurrence. We also provide up to $200 in rental car reimbursement during the first 2 years.

Warranteed engine replacements for warrantable failures during the first two years are unlimited mileage and are not pro-rated.

  • In year 3, the mileage limit is 100,000 miles and the customer must contribute 45%
    of the current engine price to receive a warranty replacement engine.

  • In year 4, the mileage limit is 115,000 miles and the customer must contribute 60%
    of the current engine price to receive a warranty replacement engine.

  • In year 5, the mileage limit is 125,000 miles and the customer must contribute 75%
    of the current engine price to receive a warranty replacement engine.

Removing heat tab, overheating, turbo charging, supercharging, abuse, misuse, improper installation, and/or running without proper lubrication voids warranty. Running the engine for prolonged periods with an improper fuel-air mixture (too rich or too lean) may also void the warranty. In addition, all break-in and maintenance procedures (provided) must be correctly followed. Please call us immediately to notify of warranty claim (before attempting any repair or replacement).

Please Note: The warranty does not cover failure due to abuse, misuse, improper installation or maintenance, alteration or modifications.

You are responsible for choosing and ordering the correct part for your vehicle’s year, make, model, options, and/or other application specific details. Please read the product description and application interchange parameters carefully. A 35% restocking fee applies to all returns for items ordered in error -- or not needed.

All returns are for parts exchange or in-store credit only (No Cash Refunds). Cash refunds will be offered only for parts that are unavailable. Bavarian Auto Recycling accepts no liability for inventory/order shortages, backorders, and/or items determined to be unavailable after an order is confirmed. If an item is determined to be backordered or unavailable, Bavarian Auto Recycling will make every effort to notify the customer in a timely manner – and provide a prompt refund for the unavailable item(s). However, we hereby expressly limit our liability to a refund of the purchase price of the items determined unavailable. In no case will we accept responsibility for substitutions or supplements purchased from other vendors. In addition, we accept no responsibility for increased project costs that may result from any inventory/order shortage or backorder.

Removing heat tab, overheating, abuse, misuse, improper installation, and/or operating without proper lubrication voids warranty. We offer no guarantee of merchantability, fitment, or value preservation for the vehicle on which parts are installed. It is assumed that all new gaskets and seals will be installed by the customer on all parts sold. We assume no liability for any consequential damage to vehicles or vehicle parts due to the failure of any parts sold by Bavarian Auto Recycling.

All new fluids, gaskets, filters and seals must be used upon installation of all parts. In addition, all applicable coolers, lines and filters must be flushed clean before installation to prevent contamination and premature failure. (This includes but is not limited to Radiators, Oil Coolers, Transmission Coolers and their associated lines and hoses.) Warranty is void if these procedures are not followed exactly. Engine warranties are void if engine is not installed with all of the following: New water pump, new timing belt & tensioner, new lubricating oil, and all new filters (oil-air-fuel). Engine and Transmission warranties are void if not installed with the correct fluids as specified by the manufacturer.

  • All maintenance procedures must be properly followed at intervals at least as frequent as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Warranty is void if proper maintenance procedures are not followed

  • 35 percent restocking fee on all non-qualified returns

  • All returned parts must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice or warranty card – and the RMA number or Invoice number must be clearly legible on the outside of the box.

  • All returned parts must be properly marked with Bavarian ID number and ultraviolet marking for identification.

  • All returned cores must be drained of all fluids before return to avoid $50 drain charge.

Warranty Claims

If you experience any problems with your rebuilt product during the warranty period, you may file a claim under the warranty policy. Please follow the procedure below when filing any warranty claim:

  1. Have the problem diagnosed by a qualified BMW technician.

  2. Call Bavarian Engine Exchange immediately with the results of the diagnosis and obtain authorization from our office before authorizing any removal or repair. Fax a copy of the diagnostic work order to our office for review.

  3. Have the product removed from the vehicle or repaired only after Bavarian Engine Exchange has given authorization. Bavarian Engine Exchange must inspect all rebuilt products before any warranty claim is paid. Do not authorize any removal or repair of any rebuilt product without first obtaining written authorization and an RMA number from Bavarian Engine Exchange.

  4. Package the product in a sturdy wooden crate and call our office to notify that the product is ready to be picked up for the warranty inspection. Make sure the product is strapped or roped securely to the crate and wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent shipping damage or water damage. Include a copy of the original invoice in the crate and write "Warranty Return" on the outside of the crate in large black letters.

  5. Upon notification, Bavarian Engine Exchange will immediately dispatch a driver to pick up the product and return it to our facility for inspection. If a defect is found in material or workmanship, we will pay the freight both ways on the replacement. The purchaser will be billed for the freight only if the warranty is voided due to any of the warranty conditions listed above.

  6. If upon inspection, a defect is found in material or workmanship, Bavarian Engine Exchange will immediately repair or replace the defective product and ship it at no charge. In addition, we will reimburse the purchaser for removal and installation labor at flat rate x $50 per hour up to a maximum of $500 per occurrence. Please fax a copy of the final repair order when seeking reimbursement of labor charges.

  7. If upon inspection, no defect is found in materials or workmanship, or any of the above warranty conditions are discovered, the purchaser will be billed for freight charges incurred by Bavarian as a result of the warranty inspection process, and bear sole responsibility for any return freight as well. In addition, the purchaser will retain sole responsibility for any repair or replacement cost of the product and/or any labor charges for re-installation.

Core Return Policy

Most of our rebuilt products are sold on an exchange basis and include core deposits added for security. In most cases, these core deposits are 100% refundable when we receive your core part at our facility (no surcharges). A few of our products are limited production units, and carry core deposits that are not refundable unless your core is determined by us to be in rebuildable condition. In these cases, you will be informed by one of our representatives at the time your order is placed. If upon inspection, we determine that your core is not in rebuildable condition, your core deposit will be forfeited and you will be notified.

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